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You might have heard from your friends, various TV programs, and the internet about the never-ending battle of Quartz VS Granite. There isn’t the right choice between the two and it all comes down to suit your needs. We will make it easy for you to make an educated choice. Our advice is always free of charge and you can start right here!




It is one of the most popular and commonly used 100% natural provided materials. Granite is mined in quarries around the world, sliced and then polished to reasonably sized before being shipped everywhere in the world. You must never forget that it’s a natural and porous material. It is not a bad thing – it means it needs to be sealed and resealed every so often to ensure spills do not absorb into it. While requiring a little more maintenance no manufacturer can compete with the warmth and vivid designs only mother nature can create. Things to be considered by a buyer: Requires sealing (once every year or two for best results). It is heat resistant, hard, and durable. Endless possibilities of patterns and colors! Often unique patterns and colors that make any project one of a kind! Can be cleaned with soap and water only to avoid scratching and discoloration.




It is a manmade material. While created in factories, it is locally made and does not leave a huge carbon footprint as granite/marble because it does not involve quarries and long-distance shipping from far away countries like Brazil and Italy. Quartz is considered indestructible – while being even harder than granite it can stand up much better to scratches and stains, but be careful with extremely hot surfaces – unlike granite it can’t take as much extreme heat. Things to be considered by a buyer: Requires less maintenance and generally cheaper. Less color and pattern selection but much more durable. While heat resistant it does react to extreme heat. Can be cleaned with most cleaning products out there.




If you’re looking for something unique, something that no other place in the world would have, something that will be yours and yours only – you choose marble. It is more expensive than quartz (40-50%) and it is more expensive than granite (15-25%). It has a higher porosity than granite and thus may be easier to absorb any surface spills. So Granite and Quartz win? Not even close. Its elegant vein patterns are always unique. It is one of the most heat resistant surfaces out there. It is the definition of natural stone and cannot be mistaken for any other surface out there. It is nature’s best attempt currently available for your project and nature sets the bar high.  Things to be considered by a buyer: More expensive. Required annual sealing. Absolutely unique and incomparable to other products.

Looking for something more?

We pride ourselves on having unprecedented experience working with unique materials such as onyx and many other natural and unique stones. Contact and we will be happy to provide you with details of thousands of unique and rare stone projects crafted from various exotic materials.


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