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Getting a professional quote for any project and any idea is very simple:


Step One:

Tell us what you want! It can be a photo of your existing space. Can be a picture of the internet. We will make sure we match any color, any design, and any idea you might have. Don’t have a picture? No problem! – just ask! We’ve done tens of thousands of projects and we are always happy to provide you with real competed project photographs that might help you make up your mind.


Step Two:

Take measurement. Give us an estimate of the size and scope of your project. It doesn’t have to be exact, it doesn’t matter the kind of measurement you take. Guesstimate what you need to have done and will be able to assist you!


Step Three:

Choose your material! Unlike big box stores or large volume manufacturers, Stone Art Canada is not limited in its selection. From ultra-durable and cost-efficient white quartz to unique natural stone shipped from Brazilian mines – Stone Art Canada will ensure you bypass the middleman and get the best craftsmanship and price for any project.

Having Trouble with any of these steps?

No problem! Email us or call us. We can assist you with any questions and concerns.

  • Removing old countertops?
  • Need good quality sink or faucet?
  • How fast can I have my countertops changed?
  • Outdoor kitchen?
  • Fireplace question?

Contact us and we will put all your questions to rest!


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